How to prepare your home for a photo shoot.

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How to prepare your home for a real estate photo shoot


Most of us know that in order to make our home look as amazing as possible we need do simple things such as: 

  • Clearing the yard of debris or mowing the yard
  • Move the cars out of the driveway
  • Put away kids toys, including the pets they're kids too ;)
  • General house cleaning
  • Turn on all lights - the more light the better
  • Open blinds to horizontal or even a slight tilt up
  • Shut toliet lids

Now here are a few more that could help your home photograph amazingly well and drastically improve the look of your home in a listing :

  • Take down decorations - i.e. It won't always be Christmas at your house or Halloween
  • Move ottoman/foot rests from furniture - these take away from the space of the room in the photo
  • Turn on outdoor lights
  • Kitchen - remove small appliances i.e. the margarita maker, toaster... these take up your counter space
  • Turn on any and all specialty lights such as ones underneath the kitchen cabinets
  • Clean up that patio/outdoor siting area - even if it's the dead of winter, let's show off what you have! Uncover and clean that grill, open the patio table umbrella, let's show what you love about it!
  • Turn off fans - easier to see the fan and plus you don't want to see a blur in the photo
  • Hide ALL trash cans - yes they are perfectly fine to have but they are like a small appliance - they serve no purpose in a photo.
  • Remove bath mats and or distracting small rugs - these take away from the space and add a distraction in the photo.
  • Remove all items from bathroom counter top
  • Remove any signs from your yard (Not the Realtors we can shoot around that)
  • Level hanging pictures - THIS helps tremendously! This will do wonders for your homes photography. After all photography is all about keeping horizontals - horizontal and verticals - vertical.

These are just a few tips to help you show off the beauty of your home.

(next blog - How to photograph your kitchen)






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