About us,

Kahuna Photo™

Our slogan is "Taking your listing from house to HOME!" because our ultimate goal is for you to sell your listing and get more listings. We provide high quality photos to help you get more views and more showings.


What makes us so good at what we do:

I am Andrew Spaugh owner/founder of Kahuna Photo™ and KahunaPhoto.com. 

I wanted to make sure I got most out of real estate photoshoots as possible, so I asked my family and friends who were Realtors® what to look for when showcasing a home to sell. It also helped that both my Mother and Father are full time Realtors® and could provide an idea of what agents and their clients were looking for. Then I was lucky enough to bring on photographer specialists Mike, Matt and Chris to the brand. Together we have the experience you need!

We would love to provide you with the photography to help you sell your listing and become a buyers home.

Let us help "Take your listing from house to HOME!"

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