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Why should I use a professional real estate photographer

May 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A real estate agents life is a complex and busy one, filled with marketing their business, signing listing contracts, contacting mortgage brokers, dealing with banks (we all know how much fun that is right?), showing properties, and being perpetually on call.  The last thing they have time for is to take photos of the home they just got a listing for.  In most cases the agent is trying to get the home listed on the MLS as soon as possible so they grab their little point and shoot Cool Pix camera or sometimes even their iPhone and snap some photos of the property and later upload them into the MLS. Less often they may actually contact a friend who does photography but usually of the "wedding photos" or "family portraits" type and while some photos may look to be "ok" they're drastically different when compared to other agents listings who have used a Professional Real Estate Photographer. A professional real estate photographer doesn't just "take and edit" photos, they have an understanding of how Real Estate sales work and how to maximize the properties potential with photos.

Then there's you the Agent - you're not just selling a house, you selling you and your professionalism. The more professional your listings look the more likely others are going to want to list with you. If you see an agent with 'ok' photos and then an agent who's listings look professionally done and high quality, who would you want to list with? Being able to tell your potential seller "when you list with me I have a professional real estate photographer come out and take photos of your home" helps give your client a sense of priority.

Key Points

  • Thumbnail picture - the cover picture (usually the front exterior) a potential buyer doesn't think "oh let me search the MLS" typically they search google, typing in what they are interested in. This leads to a list of listings all viewed with thumbnail pictures, so you want your thumbnail to stand out, to Pop!
  • YES. Homes with photos taken using a professional camera typically fetch more money and sell faster. Sellers who used a high-quality camera and lens for their listing photos got an average of $3,400 more for their properties.
  • Professional photos help sell homes faster, too. Homes priced between $400,000 and $499,999 sold three weeks faster when photographed with a professional camera.
  • Wide Angle Lens - A professional real estate photographer knows what wide angel lens to use in order to show : right angles, proper horizontal and vertical lines, no fisheye lenses or barrel effects. *These lenses range from $300-$700 used and $500-$1200 new
  • Photo Editing - a professional real estate photographer is proficient in photo editing and knows how to highlight the beauty of the home that gives a feeling that invites the potential buyer to physically view the home. After all the goal is to get potential buyers to see it in person.
  • TIME - As mentioned before a Realtors life is a busy one and a valuable one. They need as much time designated to income producing activities as possible - not taking photos.  
  • Real Estate Knowledge - A PREP like myself has an understanding of the "ins and outs" of Real Estate - from the current market (beach homes need views of the local beach, golf course homes need views of the golf course club house and course) , to the information that the local MLS accepts ( picture file size, number of pictures allowed, slide show requirements etc...)
  •  Cost vs Professionalism - You don't ask clients to meet you at Starbucks for a meeting, you have an office. You don't dress in cutoff shorts and a sleeveless shirt, you dress appropriately for your market.  You don't take photos with your iPhone of your clients house to sell, you hire a professional because you're a professional and we take the pictures that help sell your house and become a buyers home.

Realtor® Home Buying Guide - Research (ages under 39 - 89)
Home search process - how the buyer searched for their home

88% said they used online websites to find the home

Actions taken after viewing the home online

76% said they drove by or viewed the home

64% said they walked through the home

When asked what was the best feature of the online website where the home was found

84% said the professional look of photos of the home



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