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Do you need the FAA Section 333 to fly your drone?

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


There are a lot of questions about drones and their use for commercial purposes the biggest questions being "Do I need a pilots license to fly a drone" and "Do I have to have a FAA Section 333 exemption?"

Well in just a few days all of your questions will be answered by the FAA. But until then we can tell you what to expect.

Starting  August 29, 2016 an FAA Section 333 exemption will no longer be required for the commercial use of a drone under 55lbs. However an individual will need to obtain a remote pilot certificate with a sUAS rating from the FAA with an approx. cost of $150.  The certificate will be good for two years and can be renewed with a fee of course and some continuing education.


You can find a full copy of the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule here:

A more brief summary of the sUAS Rule can be read on the FAA’s website at:

You will also need to register your drone (all drones! no matter how small if used commercially)



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