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Things buyers do that real estate agents hate!

September 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We've all seen these types of posts:  "Things buyers do that real estate agents hate" or "Things sellers do that real estate agents hate".  But what about the consumer....does anyone ask "What do real estate agents do that buyers and sellers hate"...actually they do.

Here's just a few things buyers and sellers are complaining and posting about real estate agents:

  • don't listen to me about my house
  • made me feel like I was stupid and didn't know anything
  • I feel like I have to bug my agent to get them to answer the phone or call me back
  • rush me off the phone when I call
  • show me houses way above our price range
  • the pictures of our house are terrible
  • tried to make me sign a buyer agreement as soon as I walked into their open house
  • showed up dressed like they were going to a football game

"Things written have already been in discussion" and these are real things buyers and sellers are writing. 

These are not complaints professionals hear.  The most successful professionals in any service industry understands their consumers.  Understanding is the ability to see another's point of view and success is the ability to connect with them from their point of view.

*In my personal experience the agents I have worked with have all been professionals. They genuinely care for their clients both buyers and sellers and working with people like that makes all the difference. I'm very proud of all the real estate agents I have worked with.





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